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Welcome to our beautiful British Shorthair cattery! We are a TICA &  CFA  registered cattery located in Washington state, servicing Oregon, California, Canada, and surrounding areas. Here you will find all of our available British shorthair kittens at the link below. If you are interested in reserving a kitten from the current litter, please review the contract below before placing a non-refundable deposit. Shipping is available and our kittens live all across United States, including  Idaho, Arizona, Illinois, New York, Florida, and beyond. Thank you for visiting!





British Shorthair kittens for sale
British Shorthair kittens for sale


All of our British shorthair kittens undergo a physical exam at least twice in the 8-12 week period post-birth at our local Animal Hospital and are seen by a licensed Veterinarian who also sees the mother prior to, during and for after labor care. Health of our kittens is our top priority! 



Both the mom and kittens are fed a balanced raw and dry food diet. Even though we are not affiliated with Nulo, Fermina, Weruva, and Darwin's Natural Raw Food, we do recommend their formula for use. 



All of our kittens will have the necessary shots, this includes, 2 or 3 rounds of FVRCP, deworming, microchip and Rabies when age-appropriate. 



We offer owner support for the life of the kitten. Have questions? We'll help you find the answers. (*non-veterinary care)


Once our kittens are born and are at least 5 weeks old, they will be listed online. There is a 30% deposit to reserve a kitten. All funds are non-refundable and will be applied towards final purchase price. 



All of our kittens are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of Sale. We provide a 90-day guarantee along with a lifetime return rider if you are not able to keep the pet.



We request that all purchased kittens are taken to a local veterinarian within 3 days of purchase and examined to establish care. We also encourage an annual exam going forward.  



As responsible breeders, we provide a 30-day life insurance coverage at no cost to you, the day your pet leaves our cattery. Coverage starts immediately with no waiting period and covers 90% of unexpected life events. (Coverage needs to be activated*)

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Hello there!

We are a small British shorthair and Longhair cattery located in Washington state. We are registered with TICA, ICU and WCF. Our cats are a part of our family and are raised along with our children. They live exclusively indoors with the exception of regular grooming and veterinary appointments. Our Queens are carefully selected and matched to our males to better the British Shorthair breed and develop outgoing, cuddly and sweet personalities. We specialize in Black, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac gold.   Each breeding cat male or female undergoes thorough testing before joining our breeding program, including Heartworm/FelV/FIV and DNA genetic testing for 50+ various known diseases. At least once a year, we also perform other important testing, such as a urinalysis, fecal, and bloodwork panel testing (CBC, Biochemistry, and electrolytes + UA).  We show our cats throughout the year with LCWW, TICA and CFA. 

All of our kittens are socialized with other animals and children ages 2-10. While they are here, they get accustomed to the regular noises of the household (TV, vacuum, dishwasher, guests, etc. By the time a kitten is ready to go to its forever home (usually at 12-14 weeks), they will be vaccinated with multiple vaccines, microchipped, dewarmed at least 3 times, litter box, toys, and scratchpad trained. 

Nutrition is incredibly important to a healthy lifestyle. Our cats and kittens are raised on a high quality raw and dry food diet from our local butcher shops (Mayers Custom Meats & Top Choice Meat Market). We also periodically offer them Meyenberg 100% pure goat milk. We endorse and encourage all future owners to explore the health benefits of a RAW diet.

Healthy mommas and babies are our top priority. We never overbreed our Queens and have a very limited amount of kittens per year. All funds from kitten sales go towards reimbursement of regular ongoing pet expenses, and are a fraction of what we invest into our cats daily!!! We are a closed cattery and do not breed with any outside cats. We do not offer stud services. We work on bettering the breed, seek out the best in our own lines and keep the best selection to further the breed standard.  Our only goal is to select and create the most perfect round face, huge eyes, and a beautiful smile cats. 

We are a registered TICA breeder and adhere to all of their breeding requirements and code of ethics. 

SPAY/NEUTER: We support spaying and neutering and it is required by our contract. This prevents unintentional litters, minimizes chances of cancer, prevents spraying in heat cycles, and increases their effection and overall calmness. 


DECLAWING: We do not support or allow declawing of our kittens. We believe this practice to be very harmful to the cat and is not necessary for healthy living. Declawing is so harmful that recently, New York became the first state to ban feline declawing, calling it, “cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals.” There are thousands of articles from accredited sources that will make a wonderful read if you choose to find out more. 



PO Box 2287

Battle Ground, WA 98604


Tel:  360-607-3806


For the safety of our family and animals, we are a closed cattery, and are open by appointment only!


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